Welcome to Buckhurst Hill Community Primary School.


At Buckhurst Hill Community Primary School we aim to create an environment in which children feel safe, happy and secure. By creating a positive, friendly atmosphere we hope to enable children to learn with enthusiasm. We consider the atmosphere and ethos of the school to be the responsibility of each and every individual. We consider it of the utmost importance that all communication within our school be respectful and considerate of others’ feelings. Each child and adult contributes in every way possible to make our school a happy and enjoyable place in which a child can learn effectively and be assisted by the adults to work to his/her full potential.

We recognise that the ethos of the school underpins each child’s spiritual, moral, cultural and social development.

It is the aim of the school to equip all children with the capacity to become competent, confident, rational and self-reliant adults. In order to achieve this, throughout the primary years, the experience that each child has will ensure the development of an enquiring mind, the drive to tackle a task to the best of his/her ability and the desire to always aim higher. We seek as a school to help your child achieve his or her full potential. We endeavour to do this by working closely with all of our parents and carers.


Our motto is "learning whilst caring and sharing"

Headteacher Alison Farquharson