Pupil Voice

Welcome to our Pupil Voice page.

Pupil voice is the active participation of our children in decisions that affect their lives, including in the education system. It involves giving students opportunities to share their ideas, opinions, and concerns about their learning experiences and the school environment, and having those views taken into account by teachers and school leaders when making decisions. This involves a variety of activities, such as class or school council meetings, surveys, and focus groups, in which students can express their views and have them heard. Pupil is an important way for students to feel engaged and invested in their education, and can also help to foster a sense of ownership and responsibility for the school community.

Congratulations to our new Pupil Voice representatives.

Year 2:

2C - Isabella

2P - Poppy

Year 3:

3G - Sophia

3S - Jessica

Year 4:

4DL - Lillian

4J - Jesse

Year 5:

5C - Dominik

5D - Melani

Year 6:

6C - Melissa

6S - Grace