Phonics & Spelling


This year we will be teaching phonics using a programme called ‘Supersonic Phonic Friends’. This programme is a fully systematic phonic approach and is a government validated scheme. It is divided into progressive phases, each building on the previous phases taught. It is in alignment with the previous programme we followed, ‘Letters and Sounds’, and ensures consistency in teaching across the school. Our ‘Big Cat’ reading books also align with the programme which means that your child should be familiar with all the sounds within their reading book.

Please take a look at the Supersonic Phonic Friends Website for more information.

How will phonics be taught?

In Reception, Year One and Year Two, phonics will be taught daily by the class teacher for 20-30 minutes. Phonics is also taught throughout the day when reading and writing, in all subjects. This may be during whole class, group or individual teaching.

The phases ‘Firm Foundations in Phonics 1’ and ‘The Basics 2 and 3’ will be taught throughout the Reception year.

In Year One children will be taught ‘The Basics 4’ and ‘The Higher Levels 5’, as well as some phonics rules and patterns.

In Year Two, children continue learning additional spelling rules and patterns.

Additional Support

Children who require support to keep up or to catch up will have additional daily sessions to pre-teach the new learning and to practise what was covered in the lesson, either within a small group or 1:1, with their class teacher or a Learning Support Assistant.

Phonics in Key Stage 2

Phonics will be taught daily, for 20-30 minutes, to all children in KS2 who have not yet met the age expectations for reading or who are struggling with their comprehension skills.