Our aim at BHCPS is to ensure all pupils develop core movement skills so they progressively become more able, confident and resilient, enabling them to access the full range of opportunities that increase their coordination, balance and agility, with others and individually. Pupils will be able to engage in co-operative physical activities competitively, both against themselves and others, on a spectrum of progressively challenging scenarios so that they develop confidence and competence within the statutory requirements. Children are supported in their future ambitions in the working world through the introduction of the options PE can give access to in real life contexts. They are also given the chance to find solutions through analysis and examination of physical problems to further enrich their learning.


To provide extensive coverage of the National Curriculum throughout the year, we use the CompletePE scheme of learning whilst encouraging teachers to adopt the order of units that best suits the individual needs of the children. To support children’s development at their individual level, units are taught on a half termly cycle as this allows those who struggle to have the required amount of practice of basic core skills, whilst having no ceiling to their learning affords every child the opportunity to work at a greater depth level.


The planning for the year, individual units and lessons is on CompletePE and is used by teachers to create and adapt the year’s learning to the needs of their class and the individuals within it. Assessment of individuals and units is tracked on PE Assessment Forms which include ‘I can…’ statements to show progressions across units, years and throughout the school. These assessments can be used by teachers to adapt lessons and support regression and progression of skills for children who are substantially below or above the expected level at their stage. All children have the chance to participate in sporting events run by the West Essex School Sport Partnership as well as other events run by other groups and individuals; this allows children to use the skills they have learnt and practised and apply them to a real life situation. There is a range of competitive and non-competitive events to cater for the range and abilities of children at the school.

Curriculum Overview and Skills Progression