Curriculum Year Group Overviews

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The BHCPS Curriculum Intent

Our curriculum intent is based on the following principles:

  • Acquiring knowledge & developing skills are not mutually exclusive priorities; they are interdependent
  • Learning makes the best sense when there is a clear and well-thought-through progression both of skills and knowledge content, across all subjects, that is built upon year on year
  • Children learn best when they can make connections within and between subjects
  • For learning to be most successful, it needs to be meaningful & relevant for children in our context
  • Making learning irresistible should be a key feature of the curriculum; children who love learning make great progress
  • We need to challenge & expect the best of pupils. A well-conceived, well-delivered curriculum leads to high achievement
  • Successful curricula provide access points for children across the attainment range
  • Narrowing the curriculum limits the life chances of all pupils, particularly those most disadvantaged
  • Reading is the key to unlocking curriculum
  • Effective curricula are underpinned by research
  • A curriculum that serves children should not standstill.

As such, our curriculum:

  • is a living curriculum; it has been designed & shaped to be as exciting as it is relevant to our context and to fulfil our school vision of preparing our pupils for life as global citizens in modern Britain
  • is enquiry based – each subject is designed to address a major question. Each lesson builds skills and knowledge that allow the children to make connections so that they can explain, evaluate and hypothesise about the world.
  • includes themed weeks and days which are a focus for the whole school. These special themes reflect the context of the school and our local community and include Mental Health Awareness Week, Harvest Festival, Black History Week, Science Week and Sports Day.
  • is designed to reflect a ‘knowledge-engaged approach’; an approach with a clear progression of skills intertwined with a good knowledge content to prepare our children to be good citizens and critical thinkers. This progression of knowledge and skills is designed and articulated by subject leaders

 The National Curriculum

At the heart of the BHCPS curriculum is the National Curriculum. With the expertise of a curriculum team of subject leaders from across the Trust and a strong cohesive vision from the school’s leadership, we have developed a curriculum based on a clear progression of knowledge and skills across the subjects as well as ensuring appropriate content coverage.

 We shape our curriculum to best serve children in our school community

Our curriculum offer includes:

  • Early intervention, such as school-based speech and language support, learning mentors, family support workers (Trust) and play and music therapists. We also maintain close links with alternative providers including Oak View School (specialist provision) in Loughton.
  • A focus on personal development through our Buddy system, Rainbows, residential trips, pupil voice, school council, themed weeks and days (Dragon’s Den), trips and visiting experts 
  • Locality specific learning such as outdoor education at The James Leal Centre, Epping Forest Museum, Copped Hall and The Museum of London
  • Out-of-hours provision including breakfast club, after-school club, sports and creative clubs, gardening club and holiday club 
  • Community focussed events such as The Queen’s Court and Regency Lodge Christmas dinner and cream tea, carol singing and pancake day.

EYFS Curriculum Overview

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