Children have different ways of exploring the world around them, expressing themselves, flowing from one way to another, and therefore here at BHCPS, we believe that Art is a significant subject that equips pupils with a diverse range of skills necessary for life after school. Our Art & Design curriculum at BHCPS aspires to create confident and imaginative risk takers, who are equipped with a range of techniques in order to make their own creative choices and invent their own expressive works of art. 


In Art and Design, we intend for children to:

  • Develop creativity in order for them to express their emotions and ideas 
  • Become equipped with the knowledge and skills to experiment, invent and create their own works of art
  • Be exposed to a range of artists
  • To use and explore a range of media
  • To apply their skills accurately to other subjects
  • To understand how to critique their own work and that of others
  • To develop the skills to improve and take time over their work
  • To create work with purpose and meaning
  • To be curious about art and appreciate artists’ styles 


Our Art lessons are always practical in nature and encourage experimental and exploratory learning in Key Stage 2. Pupils use their sketchbooks to record their ideas. Knowledge organisers are used for children to build a foundation of factual knowledge of key facts and vocabulary. Key skills are revisited again and again, with increasing complexity in a spiral curriculum. This allows pupils to build on their previous learning.

Pupils at BHCPS have opportunities to apply their learning in art lessons across other curriculum areas, allowing children to make important cross-curricular connections. Pupils also get to enjoy being part of exciting year group projects, where they are able to work collaboratively and further develop their resilience and social skills.


We aim for the pupils to leave BHCPS proficient in drawing, painting, sculpture and other various art, craft and design techniques. By taking part in regular discussions and decision-making processes, we hope that children will be able to make independent choices and talk confidently about their own learning journey within Art and Design.

Curriculum Overview

Skills and Knowledge Progression

EYFS Progression in Malleable Skills - Linked to Art

EYFS - Progression in Printing Skills - Linked to Art

EYFS - Progression in Creative Play - Linked to Art

EYFS - Progression in Drawing - Linked to Art